Thursday, December 12, 2013

Unlikely Angel

Today's special guest is Genie Gabriel. In her own words, she says:

I'm an optimist whose rose-colored glasses have bent frames and cracked lenses. When life kicks me in the teeth, I find miracles and lessons I refused to learn an easier way. In fact, I live with a small herd of miracles in the furry forms of dogs, who are constantly trying to teach me to forgive, to play more, and to love without limits. I write about people who find courage and integrity in the darkest times of their lives, who rescue stray dogs and kittens, who find a person they would willingly give their lives for, and who make their little corners of the world a better place. People have remarked my stories "aren't what they expected." With rose-colored glasses firmly in place, I take that as a compliment. I invite you to share a piece of my world in the pages of a book, and hope you find some surprises, some tears, some laughter, and always a happy ending.


A child psychiatrist running from violence and a former bodyguard grieving the wife he couldn't save form an unlikely alliance to rescue her kidnapped children. In a crumbling mine tunnel on Christmas Eve, their lives depend on a mutt rescued from the streets, a determined mother and an Unlikely Angel.


Two weeks before Christmas, Mitch decided he had waited long enough.

“Come on, mutt.” Mitch grabbed his coat and a pair of work gloves. “Let’s go find the twins.”

Gabe bounded to his feet and bumped the doorknob with his nose. He sniffed and marked around the yard while Mitch pulled the Ferrari out of the garage. As soon as the dog jumped into the car, Mitch drove to a lot selling Christmas trees. He selected one that would fit nicely in Julia’s small apartment and strapped it to the top of the car.

The mutt hung his head out the window, riding in silent watchfulness until the apartment building was in sight. “Woof!”

“You have to be quiet or we’ll get caught smuggling you in.” Under cover of the falling twilight and a bushy evergreen tree, Mitch and the dog walked quickly toward Julia’s apartment.

As soon as Julia opened the door, the dog pushed inside and sniffed out the twins, quickly falling back into their game of hide and seek. Within seconds, the twins’ giggles let Julia know the dog had found the children.

“I brought a tree.” Mitch stood the evergreen upright.

“I see that.” Julia bit her lip as she walked around the tree. “Nice choice. Bushy all around.”

“I had three picky sisters who trained me in the fine art of Christmas tree selection.”

Julia smiled. “They trained you well.”


Genie will be awarding a $25 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Thank you so much to Book 'Em North Carolina for hosting me today. I think I've mentioned before how much I love the title of your blog! And your conference is coming up in February--that is soon!

Sounds like a great day, but I'd have to be home in time to feed my doggie herd dinner, and I don't think I could make it from North Carolina back to Oregon that quickly. So I'll just have to make the most of my visit to your blog.

Since proceeds from book sales at the conference benefit literacy campaigns, let's ask a reading related question. It's an easy one! How many of you have books on your wish list for Christmas? Or how many of you give books as gifts?

I'll be back throughout the day to see your answers and other comments!

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

p.m.terrell said...

Good morning, Genie! Thanks so much for visiting us here at Book 'Em North Carolina. We have authors coming from California and Scotland so you might want to reconsider the trip from Oregon in February. :)
You posed a great question. Books are always on my wish list - in the form of gift cards I can use at the iBooks store. And yes, I do give books as gifts each year. I love to do that - I believe it helps both the reader and the author.
What books are on your wish list, Genie?

Carole Avila said...

I'm really enjoying the excerpts as I go through the book blast. Great job, Genie! Thank you, Book 'Em, for hosting.

Rita said...

Sounds like a great story.


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, p.m. terrell! Ah, you are tempting me with the conference, but my doggies have their paws firmly attached to my pants leg to keep me at home. :)

Should I confess my wish list of books soon transfers to my to-be-read pile because I buy them for myself? Shh! Don't tell anyone who might be buying me presents. :)

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Carole and Rita, it's so nice to see you at so many of the blog stops today! I appreciate your support!

bn100 said...

Nice excerpt

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Thanks, bn! So glad you stopped by!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Well, the clock has struck midnight in my corner of the world and my doggies are snuggled in their beds. I will ask one of them to draw a name for the $25 gift card tomorrow and contact the winner privately, then post the name on my web site and on my Rock'n'Romance blog .

Many thanks to p.m. terrell and Book 'Em North Carolina for hosting me today, and to everyone who stopped by and commented. Happy holidays to all!