Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Writers Working Wednesday!

A major goal for Book 'Em North Carolina is to increase reading, whether that is non-fiction or any genre of fiction. Whether you have written a book for adults, young adults or children, we'd like to introduce our followers to you - whether or not you are participating in our next book fair.

So each Wednesday like today, we have Writers Working Wednesday, in which any author can post up to five lines of any book they wish to promote. Here are the guidelines:

1. In a comment, post up to five lines from a work in progress or a published work. You must be the author of that work, and it must be rated PG (we have students who read this blog).

2. Add the title of your work and include a buy link if you'd like.

3. Also feel free to add your website URL.

So let's see what you have for us: start posting your excerpts below!


Lynn C. Willis said...

From the 2013 SMP/PWA Best 1st PI Novel winner, Wink of an Eye.

“That girl you were talking to earlier . . . was she involved in my dad’s murder?”
I felt like I had just taken a punch to the gut. Whatever air I had in my lungs was sealed there, suspended in time for a brief moment. “Not directly.”

Drop by my website at

p.m.terrell said...

Love the excerpt, Lynn! I love a good mystery and you've caught my attention with this one!

jamesfantbooks said...

From the novel "SIMON'S SPLINTER" by James Fant

“Wow,” Pamela said slowly. “You are a direct descendant of Simon of Cyrene?”
Aisha replied, “Out of all the things I told you, you’re stuck on that?”


Please visit the website at

Also, the novel can be purchased at

p.m.terrell said...

I love it, James! Dialogue is so often stilted - yours made me laugh out loud. Makes me want to read the book!