Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Writers Working Wednesday!

A major goal for Book 'Em North Carolina is to increase reading, whether that is non-fiction or any genre of fiction. Whether you have written a book for adults, young adults or children, we'd like to introduce our followers to you - whether or not you are participating in our next book fair.

So each Wednesday like today, we have Writers Working Wednesday, in which any author can post up to five lines of any book they wish to promote. Here are the guidelines:

1. In a comment, post up to five lines from a work in progress or a published work. You must be the author of that work, and it must be rated PG (we have students who read this blog).

2. Add the title of your work and include a buy link if you'd like.

3. Also feel free to add your website URL.

So let's see what you have for us: start posting your excerpts below!


Ginger King said...

This post is a tidbit from my upcoming novel HOPE IN CAROLINA and it is the second book in the Lost & Found Series which is based on loving in difficult situations. Hope finds herself in one of those life situations where no answer seems to be the right one.

"He allowed her that luxury because he knew she was really tired; tired of pulling everyone else up, keeping things going and keeping her own heart in check. He fully understood the sacrifice she was making, staying with JP to help him recover from the accident. It was in many ways the same sacrifice he had made remarrying his ex in order to be closer to his children. He worried for her that, this would fail as miserably as his attempts had, and he knew it would run her down physically in the process." ©ginger k king 2015

You can find out more about my books at or purchase online at many booksellers such as

Nancy LiPetri said...

Here's the first paragraph from THE WOODED PATH, my novel about women's relationships, marriages and mystery in NC:

Sound travels with surprising clarity across the water, allowing neighbors to catch bits of conversation (inadvertently or not) from each others’ docks along the convoluted shores of Lake Norman. It was the first Tuesday of September and thus the women’s bunco night (a gathering Laine’s teenage son liked to call ‘drunk-o’ because his mom once clipped her side view mirror on the garage, pulling in from a bunco night...the husbands of younger kids called it ‘bonkers- leaves-me-babysitting night’) and bursts of laughter could easily be heard above the buzzing of frogs and cicadas in Vanessa “Vinnie” Buchenot’s wooded lake-front yard.

Paperback & Kindle at

Louise Grier said...

I enjoyed Diamond Road so much, it was so hard to put it down between baking cakes! Loved the twists here and there. I can hardly wait to get my hands on Hope in Carolina.