Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Writers Working Wednesday!

Author Collette Cameron has a fabulous Five-Line Friday feature in which authors are encouraged to post five lines from any book they've written. She has inspired Book 'Em North Carolina to do the same!

So each Wednesday, we plan Writers Working Wednesday, in which any author can post up to five lines of any book they wish to promote. Here are the guidelines:

1. In a comment, post up to five lines from a work in progress or a published work. You must be the author of that work, and it must be rated PG (we have students who read this blog).

2. Add the title of your work and include a buy link if you'd like.

3. Also feel free to add your website URL.

So let's see what you have for us: start posting your excerpts below!


Fran Stewart said...

" where do you want to eat?"

"As if we ever eat anywhere else? I'll meet you there at 0500."

"Oh-five-hundred it is. Good thing the Delicious opens so early."

They hung up without saying goodbye.

They never said goodbye. Never. Not since their big sister had thrown both of them out of a third-floor window.

from GRAY AS ASHES (dedicated to the firefighters of Gwinnett County GA)

p.m.terrell said...

Love it, Fran! Looking forward to seeing you at Book 'Em North Carolina.