Monday, November 3, 2014


Today's special guest is Linda Vigen Phillips. Linda has always loved reading and writing poetry.  As a retired teacher she delights in having enough time to pursue these passions.  CRAZY, her debut book, is a YA novel in verse.  Drawn from her own experiences growing up in Oregon, it tells the story of a teenage girl coming to terms with her mother’s mental illness. Linda hopes that the book will speak to teens or adults whose lives have been affected by a loved one facing similar challenges.  She and her husband live in Charlotte, North Carolina where they ride vintage bicycles on greenways and make regular play dates with the grandkids.


A compelling novel in verse about mental illness.  

Laura is a typical fifteen-year-old growing up in the 1960s, navigating her way through classes, friendships, and even a new romance. But she's carrying around a secret: her mother is suffering from a mental illness.  No one in Laura's family will talk about her mother's past hospitalizations or increasingly erratic behavior, and Laura is confused and frightened. She finds some refuge in art, but when her mother, also an artist, suffers a breakdown, Laura fears that she will follow in her mother’s footsteps.  Left without a refuge, can she find the courage to face what scares her the most?
Eloquent and compelling, this powerful novel-in-verse tackles complex themes in a way that will have readers rooting for Laura to find the courage to get the answers she needs.


I stopped by the canal,
swarming with hungry pelicans
and screeching gulls,
and I wondered
what it would feel like
not to sit and dangle my feet through the slats
but instead to climb up on the railing
and let myself just slip off and down

and down
and down.


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