Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Writers Working Wednesday!

Author Collette Cameron has a fabulous Five-Line Friday feature in which authors are encouraged to post five lines from any book they've written. She has inspired Book 'Em North Carolina to do the same!

So each Wednesday, we plan Writers Working Wednesday, in which any author can post up to five lines of any book they wish to promote. Here are the guidelines:

1. In a comment, post up to five lines from a work in progress or a published work. You must be the author of that work, and it must be rated PG (we have students who read this blog).

2. Add the title of your work and include a buy link if you'd like.

3. Also feel free to add your website URL.

So let's see what you have for us: start posting your excerpts below!

1 comment:

Gretchen Griffith said...

An abandoned school is like a mausoleum. The air is cold and lifeless. Footsteps echo from empty walls that once held ļ¬ngerpaint masterpieces and pull-down maps. The customary rustle of children at work has been silenced. There are no voices assigning daily lessons. When a school is closed forever, there is no hope for a fresh start in the fall.
From Lessons Learned: The Story of Pilot Mountain School, a narrative nonfiction