Monday, January 2, 2012

Are You Still Writing?

“Are you still writing?” is a question that Denise Sutton hears quite often. 

"That's like asking me am I still breathing!" she says. "Writing for me is a passion, not an option."  She admits that she has had moments that she has thought about quitting, but at her most vulnerable times, something compels her to continue. "Writing is one of the main reasons that I exist." she says.

Her earliest remembrance of writing was in grade school when she wrote rhyming slogans while campaigning for junior high school office.  “I love the way that poetry teaches a lesson or conveys a feeling. It usually sticks with you because of it’s rhythm." For years, Denise wrote what she could not speak out loud. "All my secret wishes, disappointments, and feelings can be found in the words that I write. I also love to inspire others. It enlightens me when someone reads something that I have written and says to me, 'This is exactly how I feel but didn't know how to put it into words!'  If what I say encourages others to think or act differently, then 'Bingo!', I have done my job for that day." 

Although poetry is her first love, she has begun testing her motivational skills through her first inspirational book, Seizing Opportunities That Propel You Forward, published through Dancing Lemur Press (2011).  Denise believes that her love of motivational books and her work as a mental health nurse over the last 14 years have strengthened her knowledge of what it takes to become successful in life. 

Before Seizing Opportunities, she self-published two poetry books, My Words and Me and Do You Know Him? and produced several CD's, including   "Word's Can't Tell" and "Decade of Hope." Her last CD, "Decade of Hope",  consists of two Relay for Life theme songs, a patriotic song, and several songs about belief in oneself. 

Denise's music and poetry can be heard almost daily on WEGG radio station 710 AM AND 95.9 FM in Eastern North Carolina. She also publishes her poetry and other words of inspiration on her website, blog, and facebook pages. Denise' work can be found in local stores in both Duplin and Wayne Counties.

She hopes that her writing continues to inspire those around her. Denise is a past participant of Bookem in both Waynesboro, Va and Charleston, SC and will be a speaker in the 2012 "Poetry in Motion" segment at this year's Bookem North Carolina.

"I am a writer, a writer am I.
Why I am, why I started, I don't know.
It's in my blood, it will always be
Inseparable, untouchable, my words and me!"

You can learn more about Denise from any of the sites below:!/ccddsutton