Friday, December 21, 2012

The Green-Eyed Doll

Today's special guest is Jerrie Alexander. A student of  creative writing in her youth, Jerrie set aside her passion when life presented her with a John Wayne husband, and two wonderful children.  A career in logistics offered her the opportunity to travel to many beautiful locations in America, and she revisits them in her romantic suspense novels. 

But the characters went with her, talked to her, and insisted she share their dark, sexy stories with others.  She writes alpha males and kick-ass women who weave their way through death and fear to emerge stronger because of, and on occasion in spite of, their love for each other.  She likes to torture people, make them suffer, and if they’re strong enough, they live happily ever after.

Jerrie lives in Texas, loves sunshine, children’s laughter, sugar (human and granulated), and researching for her heroes and heroines.


What led to you becoming a writer of full-length books?

My love of reading played a huge role. I don't know how many times I read a book and thought I'd love to be able to tell a story that moved readers with words. I studied journalism but found myself wanting to add descriptive phrases to embellish the story. Took creative writing and the first time the instructor commented on my assignment of the first five pages, I was hooked. She wrote across the top that the story was intriguing and she wanted to know the rest.

And if I'm truthful, which I try to always be, I can't say hello in less than 15,000 words!

How did you select your genre?

It selected me. My first three books were contemporary romances. They just were good enough and I knew something was missing. Suspense and mystery kept creeping to the plot. It hit me that if reading romantic suspense was my favorite why was I trying to write a different genre?

What preparations did you go through for the writing process?

Other than the creative writing classes, I've taken numerous on line course. I joined RWA, the North Texas and Kiss of Death chapters, a critique group and attend as many writers functions as I can afford. Learning the writing process doesn't end with publishing a book, it never ends. I plan to never stop learning and improving.

What was the best advice were you given?

Nora Roberts was the guest speaker at the RWA conference in Orlando. She made a comment that I use often. I won't claim to remember verbatim, but the point was, "Just write the damn book."

Where do you write?

We converted a room into an office. My husband hung a 4x8 foot dry eraser board on one wall, and a smaller one over my desk. There's a filing cabinet, a small trampoline, and room for our dog to keep me company.

Was it difficult to find a publisher? What process did you use?

I was in the middle of submitting to agents when the Ebook boom hit. I discontinued the agent search and tried three EPublishers. The third one signed me. I now write for two different EPubs.

What are you working on now?

I'm in the middle of rewrites on HIS TO LOSE, the second in the LOST and FOUND, Inc. series. HELL OR HIGH WATER is the first and waiting a release date. I had the draft printed and then tucked it out of sight for a few days before I start the rewrite.
The LOST and FOUND, Inc series is a group of college students who went their separate ways, only to reunite ten years later when one of them desperately needs help. Put ex-Navy SEALS and ex-Army Rangers together and there's always trouble. They form a company and hire out locating and rescuing people who need help.

What else would you like readers to know about you?

That they are the most important piece of my book. If I can take them out of their day to day life and entertain them with my words, I'll have done a good job. That's the most rewarding feeling of all.


Catherine McCoy is running from her past. She's been on the move for a year, hiding the secret and guilt in her heart. When she lands in small-town Texas and meets Sheriff Matt Ballard, he ignites a flame she thought lost forever.

Matt has scars of his own. He left the big city after an undercover operation went bad and his partner was killed. Now, as Matt hunts for a serial killer who paints his victims like porcelain dolls, Catherine becomes a safe haven for him. Two tortured souls finding comfort in each other's arms—until he uncovers her secret, and their bond of trust is broken.

When Catherine disappears, Matt races to find her, fearing the murderer has found his next green-eyed doll. But the killer has a surprise coming. Catherine will fight to the death before she'll be a victim. But will her determination be enough?


His anguish, more than she’d planned for, hit her hard. His dedication and concern, traits she admired, shook her conviction that no man could be trusted. His tenderness, something she’d never had, touched a long-neglected place in her soul.

In that small space of time, where no one else in the world existed, Catherine’s heart found hope. Tears, she’d promised herself never to shed again, slid unchecked down her cheeks. But these tears weren’t because of her pain or grief. She cried because Matt suffered and grieved for the missing woman. She slid her arms around him, stroking his tense muscles.

“Hey, yourself.” He leaned back and studied her face. The warmth behind his eyes returned as he wiped away her tears with the pads of his thumbs. “Were those for me?”

She nodded and emotions swirled in her head. Catherine struggled to regain her perspective. “I have to remove no more tears from the Never list.”

“Why would you hold yourself to such a never?”

“The only thing crying gets you are red eyes.”

“Okay, tough guy. Maybe someday you’ll trust me enough to explain. Why’d you break a rule for me?”

“The worry for Annie Travers in your eyes broke my heart. I’ve never known anyone with your compassion and dedication.”

“Careful.” The corners of his mouth lifted. “You’ll be calling me John Wayne again.”

“Same soul.” She pushed a lock of black hair off his face. He caught her wrist in his hand.
“Stop, Catherine. I’m nobody’s hero. I failed miserably in that department.”


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