Monday, May 27, 2013

How I Got Him to Marry Me

Today's special guest is Cherise Kelley. Here's an interesting fact about herself in her own words:

When Scott asked me to be his girlfriend, I surprised him by saying, "No." We were on the phone, as we were every night. I could tell he was hurt, but since we were on the phone and not together in person, we had to talk, and that was a good thing.

I explained, "I'm 30 years old. I've already had the last boyfriend I am ever going to have. In the future, I am going to have a husband, not a boyfriend."

He surprised me by taking this in stride. "I understand," he said. "You do realize I am in the Navy and all that entails?"

"I was born in the Navy!" This was true. My dad was in the Navy.

Four months later, he took me on a date to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle.

He passed me a little black velvet box under the table, and whispered:

"Babe, will you marry me?"

"Do you mean it?"

Yes, that's what I said. Not very romantic, was I?


He likes it. Now get him to put a ring on it!

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Sandy's boyfriend Jack wouldn't even bring up the 'm word'. She started leaving her things in his apartment, including some tampons in his bathroom. It worked! Too off guard to make excuses like "Living together is just as good as being married," Jack said, "People will start to think you're my wife!" "Well, how about it?" Sandy asked Jack.

Crystal got Paul to skip just living together by refusing to move across the country until she had a marriage license, signed and dated.

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"He was smart, too: a mechanical engineering major who got straight A's almost effortlessly. But what really attracted me to him was his sweet personality. You haven't lived until a boy a year older than you constantly refers to you as "Ma'am." The poor country boy was so nervous around women; he had no idea what a prize specimen he was.

Anyway, I never thought that this shy, sweet hunk would ever ask me out. But that certainly wasn't going to prevent me from flirting with him. What can I say? I was seventeen and single, and he was eighteen and hot. I always arrived early to our first-period English class just so we would have a few minutes to talk.

Unbeknownst to me, he thought I was a nice, sweet girl and wanted to ask me to go with him to a college event. But by midterms, he still hadn't mustered up the courage.

There was nothing I could do to make him ask me out. I was old-fashioned, and if we were meant to be, I wanted the man to be the one to ask. Since I am married to the man, you know that he eventually did. Three weeks before the end of the semester, he practically knocked me off my chair by asking me to go with him to the Thanksgiving play that the school put on every year.

Our relationship moved pretty slow for the next few years. We were still young, and in college, so neither of us was in a big hurry.

At first."


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