Friday, May 10, 2013

Tainted Waters

Today's special guest is Maggie Thom, who has visited us here before and is wildly popular among our followers. Maggie took the challenge and leapt off, leaving a fulltime, twenty year career in management, to write full time. After her initial panic that she might need a straight jacket, she published her first book Captured Lies, October 2012. And now is excited to release her second novel, Tainted Waters, April, 2013. Her third book, Deceitful Truths (sequel to Captured Lies), available fall of 2013. 

An avid reader and writer her whole life, she decided to break the monotony of wishing to be an author by making it happen. Married to her best friend, she is learning that humor, love and patience help her navigate her way through her twins’ teen years. Her motto: Escape to read and Read to escape. "Maggie Thom writes a fast paced thriller laced with romance that keeps the reader interested and on edge!" InDtale Magazine.


I asked Maggie about the authors that she personally reads and admires. Below is her answer:

Authors are people I have admired my whole life. They were able to take me on a journey that I was never quite sure where that was going to be. But I knew it would take me somewhere different. I loved the anticipation of finding a good author and devouring all that they had written and then waiting for them to produce the next book.

Having been a reader all my life, the list of authors I admire is very long. I have read many but there are some that really stand out for me.

One of the first authors to really grab my attention was Stephen R. Donaldson, author of The Thomas Covenant Trilogy. It is a science fiction/fantasy book where the main character is not your usual run of the mill, strong dynamic character. He is kind of dark, pathetic, doesn't believe in himself, has lost everything in his life because of his constant negativity and yet he is so believable that you root for him. You want him to wake up and realize what he has. This series pulled me into a whole other world that was so well described and clear to me I felt like I was there.

Another author I really admire is Robert Ludlum. He introduced me to espionage/thriller/suspense type books. I have read all of his books and absolutely love how he weaves a story. He introduced me to the idea of having the book written from more than one or two points of view. At the beginning of his stories, you get to meet a number of people, which make you wonder how they are all connected and what role they're going to play throughout the book. He ties it all up nicely by the end.

Sandra Brown is an all time favorite of mine. She separated her books from the others because they didn't really fall into any one genre. Her books are full of suspense, mystery, murder and romance. I love the kind of stories she creates. I like to write similar stories that include all of these elements.

Ann McCaffrey wrote incredible science fiction novels about dragons that were different and exciting and adventurous. I like how she wove her stories and how believable they were. The setting and the characters were so well done that I could clearly see where it took place and felt like I could reach out and touch one of her majestic dragons.

From each of these authors and many others, I have not only been taken on an amazing journey but I've learned many things about weaving a good story. Every author I've ever read has influenced me in some way. Thank you to each and every one of them.

Who are you favorite authors? And what do you like about their writing? Their stories?


He didn’t commit suicide but who’s going to believe her...

Frustrated at being fired from her latest job and overwhelmed by her consolatory family, Sam decides to move to the family’s cabin at the lake. A place she hasn’t been since her dad committed suicide there twenty years before. Or did he? 

Snooping is something she’s good at but someone seems to be taking offense to her looking too closely at what has been happening at the lake. What she discovers is shocking. Now she must uncover what’s real and what’s not. All that she learned growing up, may be false. 

Keegan who has recently moved to the area to finish his latest book is also trying to find out if his grandfather, who’d passed away ten years before, died of natural causes or was murdered? The descendants of the four families who own the land around the lagoon are dying off. 

Since Sam and Keegan are the only ones questioning the deaths, they find themselves working together to seek the truth. Are people being murdered? Who would benefit from their deaths? Why would there be barricades and armed guards at the north end of the lake? To stay alive, Sam and Keegan must find the answers and convince others, before more people are killed... including them.


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