Friday, July 5, 2013

The Reiki Circle

Today's special guest is Imogen Knight, the author of The Reiki Circle.


Imogen Knight is a Reiki Master Teacher, trained in Usui Reiki traditionally in the 1990s.

Since then, having been in private practice taking on clients and students and facilitating her own Reiki circle, she has become part of the bastion of traditional practitioners fighting a losing battle against the new age, new reiki forms.

She has now taken to writing novels with murder at the centre and cannot imagine what brought this on.

Imogen examines the implications of Reiki going where it is needed.  In her first book, The Reiki Circle, Reiki flows where it is needed to unmask a murderer!

"Doll Face", the second Reiki Circle mystery, will be published when she has finished it!

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"Thanks, guys - great Reiki share.  See you next month"

Millie hugged and ushered out the last of the lingerers - there were always one or two who stayed to absorb the Reiki filled atmosphere after a share - and heaved a sigh.  Hosting a Reiki share was great - a privilege, even - but it was so good to return to the meditative silence of her flat when everyone had left.
Clearing glasses, herbal tea leftovers and burnt out incense debris, Millie considered the recent Reiki share.  The usual crowd of her own students had been joined by one or two people who had trained with other Reiki Masters.
 Joy had explained beforehand that she was new to the area and very pleased to have found a Reiki share so quickly.  The shares were not just for Reiki per se, but also for community and Millie was glad to see that Joy, who had arrived somewhat shy and self-conscious, left with the wonderful dreamy expression common to the others, making arrangements to meet up for coffee with Andy and Faith during the week and promising to return next month.  She'll fit right in, Millie decided, nodding to herself for emphasis. 
Starshine ("Starshine" - really?), on the other hand, had been anxious and awkward all the way through the share.  Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Millie decided she was letting her imagination run away with her.  Again. 
This was the first time Millie had met Starshine in person.  They'd spoken on the phone before the Reiki share, obviously.  She'd seemed ok on the phone and Millie had asked Starshine to arrive  a little early for the share so that Millie could feel out the woman and examine her certificates, before letting her loose on her Reiki circle.  Although it seemed highly unlikely that the name "Starshine" appeared on her birth certificate, Millie could find nothing disharmonious with Starshine's Reiki, so, she'd chatted, given her tea and generally made her feel welcome until the others started arriving.  
Throughout the Reiki share, Millie had kept an eye on the two newbies, noting that Joy had clearly been properly trained in the traditional method of group treatments, even doing the nerve stroke confidently and without hesitation at the end of each treatment. 
Starshine, on the other hand, was hesitant, shaky and  had had to be given a little guidance by Andy on the correct hand positions.  Millie frowned at the herbal tea bag she was about to dispose of.  Well, what did she expect from someone who called herself "Starshine"?  Honestly.
Catching herself in the heinous crime of Making a Judgement - on the basis of what someone called themselves, no less! - Millie gave herself a mental shake and disposed of the teabag she was still holding over the bin. 
Oh dear, Millie thought, there she was doing it again, Making a Judgement, based on a name, instead of extending Unconditional Love. 
Millie closed her eyes and visualised Starshine in front of her, sending her loving pink energy from her heart until Starshine was totally surrounded in the visualisation by fluffy pink Unconditional Love. 
Opening her eyes, Millie couldn't help but wonder if it would be a lot easier to accept the woman if she called herself Jane or Susan or something. 
Sighing and shaking her head at how far she was from spiritual enlightenment, Millie reflected that if anyone knew how very judgemental she was there would be a full week of flames from various corners of the world landing in her inbox by email.  The reaction from Twitter didn't bear thinking about.   
Well, Reiki brings up your most pressing issues, thought Millie, preparing to Reiki her Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras for the rest of the day.  That would bring them back into some kind of balance and allow her to maintain her inner harmony even when confronted by people who called themselves by silly names.
The Reiki Circle
by Imogen Knight
(©Imogen Knight 2012.  All rights reserved)