Friday, September 13, 2013

Red Flame

Today's special guest is Pamela Shine. Pamela is 13 years old and wrote Red Flame: Wizards' School and the sequel, Red Flame: Twin Flames while she was 12.  Both books are part of an intended series of seven (may be eight).  Pamela loves reading and writing and hopes to be a screenwriter when she is older.  Having read many books written by adults for children has made Pamela more determined to write a book that is written by a child aimed for children.


Red Flame: Twin Flames is the sequel to Red Flame: Wizards’ School

This book (the sequel) is told in narrative style which is different from the first and the twins from the first book are now telling the story. 

This book takes the twins back to a past they tried to forget and with the help of their teenage wizard friends they are able to confront their fears from their past.

Aiden meets an old friend who turns out not to be as friendly as Aiden had thought. Kat finds out about a special magic that she had been using for the last seven years of her life without even realising it.  Kat is terrified about her ‘magical power’.  Then they have a train ride from hell that brings back memories they would much rather forget, resulting in a visit from someone Kat knows to be dead. Aiden has to overcome some barriers he has ignored for seven years and learn to be strong enough to stand by his sister’s side without being protected while Kat has to face her fears of an old enemy and learns to take control of her magic again before it’s too late for herself, her friends and even Wizland.  Kat, Aiden and their friends (Resha, Malica and Lucas) are dragged into a battle of life and death where good versus evil.

Can the Red Flame gang stop the dark wizards school Dark Star? Or will they win and take magic from Wizland forever?


Thank you for joining us, Pamela. Can you tell us what reading and/or writing means to you?

For me I love reading and writing.  I like writing about fantasy because it takes me to different place and helps my mind escape from the real world.  However, I do also like reading books with humour because I enjoy a book that makes me smile.

Reading is fun for me and I feel that reading should mean the same to everyone even though everyone is interested in different genres.  When people have understood my books and have given me good or bad feedback, I enjoy improving so people will enjoy my books more and I get a sense of self accomplishment.


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