Friday, September 27, 2013

The Descent from Truth

Today's special guest is Gaylon Greer. Working with traveling carnivals and itinerant farm labor gangs during his teen and early adult years took Gaylon up, down, and across the U.S. and introduced him to a plethora of colorful individuals who serve as models for his fictional characters. After several years as an Air Force officer and then a university professor with a Ph.D. in economics, Greer developed an interest in writing fiction and attended workshops at the University of Iowa, the University of Nebraska, and Bryn-Mawr College. He also studied with the U.C. Davis Extension program and the Algonquian Writers Group. His most recent novel, THE DESCENT FROM TRUTH is available at and other e-book retailers. Please visit Greer at


Alex Bryson is patrolling Rocky Mountain backcountry in his job as a security guard when he discovers a woman with a baby wandering alone in the snow far from the nearest road. He takes them to shelter in a weekender cabin and sees a newscast that suggests the woman, Pia Ulmer, kidnapped the baby from its rightful parents and that it is the sole heir of Peru’s wealthiest and most corrupt family. Pia claims that she is the baby’s mother, and Alex doesn't know what to believe. After turning her in, he continues to struggle with his budding feelings for her and remains unsure of the true story. He becomes more and more involved until finally there is no turning back—lives are on the line. He helps Pia get free from a brutal world that values money over life, and together they devise a plan to reclaim the baby. Just when it looks like they might succeed, they discover an international conspiracy that changes the game entirely.


“Is Frederick really safe?” Pia asked. Dawn had turned the darkened hotel room a dirty gray. Though she frequently shifted, tossed, and moaned, she had not spoken for several hours.

“Absolutely.” Alex wondered  how long had she been awake. “We’ll soon be with him. My dad has—”

“Don’t,” she said, interrupting him. “Don’t tell me where he is.”

“You don’t want to know where we’ll be living? We’re going home this afternoon.”

“What if Theo catches us? He has a device he pushes inside me. It’s a . . . something electric. When he does that, I will say anything, do anything. I might even tell him where to find Frederick.”

 “Hush, sweetheart.” Alex laid a finger across her lips. “Your son is absolutely safe, and Theo won’t be hurting you ever again. Go back to sleep.”

She relaxed into slumber, but her eyes popped open again minutes later. A look of horror twisted her face.

She needed a sedative, and enough time had passed so that business and professional offices would be open. Alex called the hotel's concierge and arranged for a medical doctor to visit the room. He sat in his chair, one hand resting on Pia’s shoulder, the other on his semiautomatic, and watched the door until a knock signaled the doctor's arrival. Still nervous, he paused before opening the deadbolt. “Who is it?” he asked.

“Doctor Ferdinand Mandinez. The hotel called me. Do you require medical assistance?”

Squinting, Alex peered through the peephole in the door. A short, balding and chubby man with a medical case stood in the hallway. Relieved but cautious, Alex clicked off the Colt's safety. He opened the deadbolt on the door but left the safety chain in place. With the door cracked open the two inches that the chain permitted, he said, “Pass me your ID.”

Boots thudded against the door. The safety chain popped from its mooring, and the door's outer edge slammed against his head. It sent him reeling backward to sprawl on the carpet. A lashing boot hammered his side. Only half conscious, he saw the foot swing again. It connected with the side of his head. Black nothingness engulfed him.


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