Monday, May 12, 2014

A Darker Rain

Today's special guest is Claudine Kapel. A Darker Rain is Claudine’s first novel. She lives in Toronto and enjoys books, music, and travel. When not working as a consultant, she can be found writing, reading, or contemplating what else may be out there.

The second book in the Ryan Cole series is planned for release in 2014.

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I asked Claudine what inspired the plot in A Darker Rain. Here is her response:

As an author, I write books that reflect what I love to read. I especially enjoy three particular genres – action and adventure, mystery, and science fiction. These interests helped inspire the writing of A Darker Rain, the first in the series of Ryan Cole adventures. I also like adventure movies and greatly enjoyed the Indiana Jones series. Powerful and mysterious artifacts are a staple of action and adventure books and movies – and they’re central to A Darker Rain as well.

The book follows the adventures of a team of investigators, led by Cole, who tackle unconventional security threats, including those posed by beings and technology from other worlds. The series is set in a modern-day Earth, where beings from other worlds have started playing a more active role in the day-to-day affairs of the planet. Some of these beings seek to assert their influence for their own gain, offering advanced weapons and technology to power-seeking human allies.

It isn’t easy to contend with alien threats, since many of the new arrivals to the planet have taken a human form. But Cole is committed to protecting Earth from negative alien influences and to keeping technology from other worlds from falling into the wrong hands.

So A Darker Rain is an action-adventure novel with a science fiction twist. As the first book in the series, it introduces Ryan Cole and his team, who are on a mission to recover five alien artifacts known as guardian stones. The stones were buried hundreds of years ago by a South American tribe who feared the artifacts were too powerful for humans to possess. But now the stones have started to resurface.

And Cole isn’t the only one seeking to recover the alien artifacts. Others are hot on their trail as well, including international gunrunner Antoine Drake, who will stop at nothing to secure them to augment his own power.

Cole’s search leads him to assist a group of ranchers who are being threatened by a mysterious red-eyed leopard. A close encounter with the creature raises troubling questions. Who is behind this deadly leopard that has claimed the woods of Hawkley Ridge as its hunting ground? How did it get there? What is the nature of the leopard’s power? And what is its connection to the most powerful of the guardian stones, which is said to lie buried somewhere in those same woods? Cole needs to find answers if he is to help the ranchers and recover the guardian stones.

His search puts him on a collision course with dangerous adversaries. And it’s hard to distinguish friend from foe when not everyone is who they appear to be.

The Ryan Cole series chronicles Cole’s adventures as he learns more about the alien presence on Earth, builds new alliances, and confronts adversaries – both human and otherwise.

The next book in the Ryan Cole series is scheduled for release in late 2014.


“It’s definitely not a good time to be going into the woods of Hawkley Ridge.”

When a red-eyed wildcat starts threatening ranchers in the Pacific Northwest, Ryan Cole recognizes the danger is far more menacing than the ranchers realize. Cole specializes in tackling unconventional security threats, particularly those with alien origins.

His investigation puts him in the crosshairs of Antoine Drake, an international arms dealer with a penchant for weapons from other worlds. Both men are hot on the trail of powerful alien artifacts known as guardian stones.

Cole and his team of investigators embark on a dangerous quest to recover the guardian stones before they can be assembled into the ultimate alien weapon. To succeed, Cole must also decipher the wildcat’s deadly secrets.

But in the woods of Hawkley Ridge, it’s easy for the hunter to become the prey.

A Darker Rain is the first book in the Ryan Cole series.


Beecham exhaled sharply. “Antoine Drake and Cassandra Chase are ruthless. They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. If they’re acquiring both alien weapons and alien allies, that could give them a major military advantage. Who knows how powerful these weapons are or what they can do? We don’t even know how they work.”

“So what did your people learn about the weapons before they were stolen?” asked Cole. “Did Ivan Johnson shed any light on how the sonic rifle works before he was killed?”

Beecham rubbed his eyes wearily. “He didn’t give us a hell of a lot. We tested the alloy the rifles were made of and confirmed there’s no match for such a substance anywhere on Earth. But beyond that, we didn’t learn much.

“We ran a whole battery of tests to see if we could uncover the mechanics of the weapon. But nothing. No one has been able to figure out how the rifles operate. As you can see in the photo—not to mention in the files your buddy Ashcroft downloaded—there’s no visible trigger.”

Beecham looked at Cole, his face etched with deep concern. “We need to get these weapons back. And we need to stop Drake.”

Cole looked at Beecham with a frown. He had heard that refrain before, and it had been a prelude to disaster.


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