Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hathor Legacy: Burn

Today's special guest is Deborah A. Bailey. As a little girl when Deborah was watching Star Trek and Twilight Zone, she was writing and drawing her own superheroine comics. When she grew up, she continued to write and followed her love of technology into a career as a computer programmer and developer. But writing was never far away from her heart, so over the years she wrote and published stories set on other worlds and in Earth's future. Ultimately she fulfilled a lifelong dream and completed her first novel in the Hathor Legacy universe, Hathor Legacy: Outcast.

Her short stories have won awards from the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference and her work has been published in US1 Magazine and the Sun. In 2013 she published a short story collection, Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales. In her "other" life, she's a freelance writer who's published three non-fiction books and countless articles that have appeared in print and online. Visit her blog for writing tips, interviews and updates.


My idea to create the world of Hathor for my Hathor Legacy series actually came from a few sources. First, I wanted to write about people with PSI powers, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. Since I wanted to make this a science fiction story, I had to have a plausible reason for the abilities to develop.

So, I came up with a virus that would change the person who became infected. But instead of unleashing it on Earth, I chose a settlement on another planet. A person who survived the infection would be left with PSI powers. Though not just the ability to read minds or predict the future, they’d also be capable of moving objects and sending out energy blasts.

The planet Hathor is the corporate HQ for Novacorp Galactic, Incorporated, a company that has mining operations on several planets. In the series, Hathor was discovered (or will be!) in the year 2234. After its discovery and subsequent terraforming, settlers from Earth were selected to colonize the planet. Unfortunately after their arrival, a disease spread through the population, ultimately giving rise to the Guardians who use their PSI powers to assist the company security force.

Most of the population lives on one main continent, which includes Nova City, the capital. It has individual districts where the inhabitants live and work. Outside of the city there are farming communities, seaside areas and mining installations where they dig for crystals and precious gems that are native to Hathor.

Hathor is named after the Egyptian goddess who symbolizes joy and love--which is perfect for a romance. She's also the patron goddess of miners, which fits because mining is the foundation of Novacorp's business. I wanted to create a world with advanced technology and the ability to travel quickly between planets. Yet, since the people are descendants of settlers from Earth, the characters are humans who've learned to evolve in spite of the challenges, and have created a new world and culture.


On the planet, Hathor, an old threat re-emerges that may destroy the fragile alliance between the Guardians and Novacorp.  When Nadira is called to investigate a rash of fires throughout the city, she discovers the Deshtu, another group with PSI powers who have been purposely kept in the shadows.

Working to uncover the source of the fires, Nadira learns the brutal truth about the origin of the Guardians. The Guardian Elders have plans to make Nadira more powerful, and she may be forced to sever her psychic connection to her lover, Jonathan Keel.

When an unexpected ally gives Jonathan information about the Deshtu that connects them to the fires, he becomes a convenient scapegoat for the opposing factions. Nadira puts her life on the line to solve the crime, while the Elders make their move to remove Jonathan from her life forever.

As time runs out, the Guardians prepare for a clash with Novacorp that could plunge the planet into chaos, and a final betrayal forces Nadira to risk everything to save herself and Hathor.


A blast from a stunner shot out, illuminating the darkness. It hit the wall above Nadira's head and sent out a shower of sparks.

Out of the darkness, a woman dressed in grey coveralls ran out of the shadows. In her fist she clutched a long, metal cylinder. The woman raised her arm to strike, as a screeching cry that sounded like the whine of a mining drill escaped her lips.

Nadira reached out and sent an energy blast in the woman's direction, sending her flying. She fell and slid across the floor.

In front of her, on the other side of the warehouse, she saw three figures struggling under the overhead lights. One of them was dressed in security garb. "Lt. Lin!" As she ran towards them, Nadira saw the glint of an oversized, mine-issue stunner, then bright blue light shooting out.

A man leaped towards her. Gripping a smaller stunner that fit in the palm of his hand, he aimed at her head. She sent out a blast that pushed him back. He crumpled on the ground, gasping.

Piercing screams echoed through the area, followed by stunner fire. Lt. Lin stood in the lighted area.

When she spotted Nadira, she rushed towards her. "Nadira! Watch out!"

But before she could get far, two bright blue and white stunner blasts hit her. She swung and managed to get off a shot before she went down.

"No!" She moved towards her, but stopped short as four figures emerged out of the shadows. All she could see was the outlines, and hear the rustle of their coveralls.

"Who are you?" A gruff, male voice demanded.


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